Important information [Sticky] (Updated 15sep2009)

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Important information [Sticky] (Updated 15sep2009)

Post  Fornax on 15/8/2009, 23:10

Some information here.

Starting with a few links (which open in a new window)
Uthgard website, including Herald and forums:
Alliance forum:
Ventrilo homepage:
Motog's Crafting Calculator: Motog's

Alliance ventriloserver: IP: Port: 26668 Pwd: (no password)

Currently we are in Alliance with the following guilds:
Hibernian Council of Uthgard (Placeholder)
Easy Albtraum
Hexagone (large french guild)
Mystical Knights
Group of Amateurs (GoA, lol)
Swiss Guardians

As a reminder the names of respecstones:
Luminescent Exerpise Stone - Career Skill Respec
Luminescent Exeregum Stone - Realm Skill Respec
Luminescent Abrogo Stone - Realm Skill Respec
Luminescent Ceriac Stone - Single Line Skill Respec[code]


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