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Post  ctnjason on 14/7/2009, 04:43

Over the past few weeks, ive grouped ALOT with a guild named Sayouri. They are mainly french and overall are a wonderful group to play with. They seem very skilled in PvE and PVP. Anyhow, if and when we do seek out an alliance, I would like to keep them in mind also. If we started our own, consider them. If we join another refer them to whoever we join.

Just my 2 cents

Jason <Irie>


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Re: alliance............

Post  Apop on 14/7/2009, 17:42

We are a RvR guild, although we are still in the process of getting lvl 50.
Once we all have at least 1 toon lvl 50 then we will see with whom we grp on a regular basis. We should join or form an alliance based on who fits our needs most.


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