New Toon Exp Project

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New Toon Exp Project

Post  Ben_Fatality on 30/6/2009, 10:09

Hi all,

since we got the "Legacy of the Animist" problem and its takes quiet long to get a toon to 50 here i come up with an idea.

Most of us dont got much time to exp, but like Apop or Branches would like to start a new toon. Me too.

Solo exp is really slow here, but in a decent group setup its still quiet fast.

So what about starting a exp group with a nice setup which we only xp together?

Mabye one day a weak or only if we all are online and want.

This way we wont waste time on searching/building a group and would always have a good setup.

Can log them in df for nice bonus too.

Good setup means at least tank, healer and pbae.

Atm i know that Apop wants to start a hero and Fornax an Eld. I want to play eld/bm/druid here too.

So we could have Hero, Eld, Druid which is a solid base. But would be nice if someone else wanna play druid.

Goal is to get rvr toons and ill most likely play bard then so i cant play druid as well.

If your are interested write here wich class you want to play and which days are ok for you.

Can leave a steady day out even and just decide when we are all online together to xp the toons.

Ill ask my non-guild friends i made here too if one wanna join.



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Re: New Toon Exp Project

Post  Apop on 30/6/2009, 12:56

I suggest to only restrict invitation to Lotf to characters that are needed for the guild. This should also include alt chars.


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Re: New Toon Exp Project

Post  Fornax on 30/6/2009, 20:29

I'd like to have an Eld as backup for RvR, I learned to like my eld back on Gareth. My eld on Uthgard is currently 20 and respecced Mana (from Void). Since I do want it as an RvR-toon I might need to respec at 40.

For levelling however I also have a lvl-10, uhm, uhm... animist.


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mana ment

Post  ctnjason on 9/7/2009, 10:18

I have my level 45 mana ment which i do not plan on XPing anymore. This is strictly for HOTTING or red crack to help level other toons. My wife uses this charachter to hot my BM when we are both able to play but i would also take this toon to help guildies level. In fact i really like this idea. I will crack out / hot anyone anytime as long as the favor is returned in time. My bm just turned 25 today so leveling up the bm is my priority however my mana ment is at the guilds disposal ANYTIME needed. If anyone has a mana chanter, the combo of chanter/ment is xp mania Smile



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Re: New Toon Exp Project

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